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Passionate and proven user experience designer with the ability to comprehend, communicate and simplify the complex through user research, analysis and minimalistic design.



User-centered design: Conduct end user interviews, analyze interview data to create personas/user profiles & scenarios, design user surveys, administer card sorting studies, conduct usability tests (in-person & remotely), ethnographic observation & analysis, storyboarding & prototyping, heuristic UI evaluations, user experience design


Tools & techniques: Paper prototyping (low-fi prototyping), Axure (medium & hi-fi prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Visio, OptimalSort (for card sorting), Techsmith Morae, WordPress


Technologies & processes: Familiar with Java, C/C++, SOA, Agile Scrum Development, web services, JSP, XML, XSLT, & Web (d3, JavaScript, AJAX, Dojo)



Quid- UX Designer & Researcher, Creative Director

May 2015 to Present | San Francisco, CA

  • Lead the UX team to push the strategic and tactical user experience of the visualization and all
    other workflows within the product
  • Lead user research. Last summer, I conducted 30, semi-structured user interviews with current
    and churned users to determine the 5 over arching themes of product improvement needed to
    feed into the roadmap
  • Product Vision. The UX team and I created a UX vision to move product thinking forward
  • Work closely with Product, Engineering, Data Scientist, and Commercial to evolve the UX
  • Lead internal design workshops for each project kickoff
  • File patents to protect Quid’s IP

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Visual Analytics User researcher and user experience designer

November 2010 to May 2015 | Richland, WA

  • Conduct user research across several government clients including law enforcement, emergency management and other communities
  • Design new visual metaphors, and leverage existing visual analytic approaches, to allow data to tell a story with respect to the user requirements. Visual Patent Search is a publicly avail example of my design work.
  • Manage PNNL efforts on a highly collaborative, SuperIdentity project with 6 universities within the UK
  • Design usability studies to test best way to recommend a system-generated hypothesis for the User-centric Hypothesis Definition project
  • Work across dozens of projects in project management and user research/experience roles
  • Provide mentorship for upcoming user experience professionals
  • Author and contribute to proposals to fund multiple research projects


IBM Tivoli Software – User researcher and user experience designer

January 2006 to November 2010 |    Austin, TX

  • Led onsite customer user research, persona validation, scenario development, prototyping and user validation activities for products and solutions
  • Prioritized, negotiated and commuicated usability enhancements with internal stakeholders
  • Led and facilitated UX community of practice meetings for Tivoli’s Interaction Design Community
  • Trained multiple interaction designers in user experience design & process
  • Evangelized the UI strategy to product teams: Product Management, Architecture, Development
  • Helped author, maintain and review the IBM System Management UI Guidelines
  • Evaluated peer disclosures on the IBM Collaboration Patent Board
  • Filed 14 Patents with USPTO


Internships, part-time work in school

  • IBM Extreme Blue “Autonomic RFID” Project| 2005 | Durham, NC
  • IBM Linux Technology Center- Security | 2004 | Austin, TX
  • IBM WebSphere- CORBA Interoperability | 2003 | Austin, TX
  • IBM LDAP- Functional Verification & Testing | 2002 | Austin, TX
  • Fujitsu Product Planning & Support | 2001 | Richardson, TX
  • Georgia Tech Co-op Office, Assistant IT Analyst | Spring 2005 & Fall 2005 | Atlanta, GA
  • Texas A&M- Computer Science Peer TA | Fall 2002 & Spring 2003 | College Station, TX



Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)                                                                                       Atlanta, GA

M.S. Computer Science, specialization in Human Computer Interaction, HCI, December 2005

  • Coursework included: HCI, UI Design & Evaluation, Educational Technology, Design of Design Environments, Human-Centered Computing
  • GPA: 4.0/4.0

Kitchen Science Investigators, Masters Project                                                                              Educational Technology

  • Project: Kitchen Science Investigators (KSI) was a program for students to learn science concepts, especially Chemistry, through revising cooking recipes. In KSI’s first iteration, we focused on offloading teacher facilitation and other needs of the learners into software.
  • Process: During the study, I observed & took field notes, conducted ethnographic analysis, survey design, interviewed students, and helped plan the sessions. Results from analysis were fed into software design.

Anti-social and social behaviors with digital camera usage                                       UI Design & Evaluation       

  • Project: Using observational methodologies only, explore the social environment artifacts created by digital camera usage. My partner and I observed digital camera usage at a museum and a zoo.
  • Summary: Although digital camera usage did increase the amount of interaction between the photographer and her party, it also increased the interaction between the photographer and her camera, widening the range of both social and anti-social photographer behaviors.


Texas A&M University                                                                                                                                      College Station, TX

B.S. Computer Science, May 2004, GPA: 3.67/4.0


Other Educational Pursuits:

  • Austin Community College                                                                                            Austin, TX
    • Web Design II (to learn CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver & Fireworks) | Fall 2008
    • Digital Imaging I (to learn Adobe Photoshop) | Fall 2007
  • Menendez Pelayo International University | Fall 2003                                      Seville, Spain
    • Studied Spanish
    • Lived with a host family


  • Best, Daniel M, Joseph R Bruce, Scott T Dowson, Oriana J Love, and Liam R McGrath. Web-Based Visual Analytics for Social Media. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (US), 2012.
  • Bruce, Joe, Jean Scholtz, Duncan Hodges, Lia Emanuel, Danaë Stanton Fraser, Sadie Creese, and Oriana J Love. “Pathways to Identity: Using Visualization to Aid Law Enforcement in Identification Tasks.” Security Informatics 3, no. 1 (2014): 1–13.
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  • A method and system for role scoping and management, 2010 (Filed)
  • Enabling and managing user-specified aliases, 2010 (Filed)
  • Automatic Volume Adjustment, 2010 (Filed)
  • Method to Regulate Obligations in an Electronic Social Network Environment, 2010 (Filed)
  • Adding a Comprehension Marker to a Social Network Text Entry, 2010 (Filed)
  • Content Generation based on a Persona, 2010 (Filed)
  • Automated Document Governance, 2010 (Filed)
  • System for Augmenting Access to Resources, 2009 (Filed)
  • Interface for Creating and Editing Boolean Logic, 2008 (Filed)
  • System and Method for Data Management through Decomposition and Decay, 2007 (Filed)
  • Free Time Priority for Calendar Schedulers, 2007 (Filed)
  • Method, System and Program Product from Automatic RFID Attenuation and Recovery, 2005 (Granted)
  • Network Management using Suppressible RFID Tags, 2005 (Granted)
  • Locating a Device in a Given State, 2005 (Granted)


  • PNNL Science and Engineering Development Program (SEDP), Class of 2014
  • PNNL Outstanding Performance Award
    • User Experiene Design Work on Canopy, 2011
    • User Research Work for BioSurviellance, 2012
    • Project Management for SuperIdentity, 2013
  • 1 of 10 IBM women chosen to attend From Specialist to Strategist, Smith Executive Training, June 2010
  • IBM’s intranet redesign contest: 2nd place winner (partnered with a visual designer), December 2008
  • IBM Lotus: Patent Disclosure of the Month, January 2008
  • IBM Austin New Talent Showcase: People’s Choice Award, 2007
  • Dean’s Honor List Award, Fall & Spring 2002
  • Academic All-Big 12 Track and Field Teams, 2002
  • Scholarships & Fellowships:
    • IEF Scholarship to Study Abroad, 2003
    • Texas A&M Track & Field Scholarship, 2002
    • NACME Corporate Scholarship, 2001-2004
    • Texas A&M Academic Achievement Scholarship, 2000-2004
    • Verizon Fellowship, Spring 2005
    • GEM Fellowship (IBM sponsored), 2004-2005
  • Texas A&M Track & Field: Distance Medley Relay record, 2001